Bell – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Bell. I’m good with respectful dogs. Good with cats. Good with kids. Extremely cute. Very sweet. So what am I doing still waiting for someone to choose me?!  Maybe it’s because I’m not much of a spotlight-seeker. I love it when someone comes by to visit and hang out with me! I’ll flip over and do a cute little upside-down routine. I’ll purr and cheek-rub. When you pet me on the back, I’ll give you the toaster-butt. I’m just adorable in every way.
But I’m a quiet soul. I’d love a home where I can relax and not have to be in public every day. I’m almost five years old and solidly in my “let’s just stay home and chill” era. I know I can find someone else who matches my vibe.
So hey- if you want an awesome cat, maybe give me a try!