Asher – Ready for Adoption!

Most of the time, “gray” is the opposite of “sunshiny,” right? Well, not with me! My name is Asher and I light up a room!  I’m about two years old, but it’s just a guess because I was brought in as a stray. I came with another dog (I get along well with other dogs!) and his owner came for him, but they didn’t know me! I guess maybe I made a friend while I was on the road.  I can make friends anywhere, you know. I’m just a tiny bit unsure of new people right at first, but a few cookies go a long way and it’s not long before my tail’s a-wagging! And once I’m in a safe home and have a human I can trust by my side, I think it will give my confidence a big boost.  I don’t know what breed mix I am, but I am a big fella- 70 lb right now and I still need to gain a few pounds. But I’m one-of-a-kind anyway! I’ve shown some interest in toys, but am not comfortable enough yet to really let loose and play. I’m hoping to get a new home soon so that I can finally relax!  So if you want a gray guy to light up your day, come meet me!