Annelle – Ready for Adoption!

Hey! Did you know it’s National Orange & Fluffy Appreciation Week? It’s also World Give-a-Shy-Cat-a-Chance Day. What a coincidence! And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s ALSO the first annual Give Annelle a Kiss and Take Her Home day!  Maybe it won’t be my Gotcha Day just yet… I mean, chances are, before you saw me just now, you weren’t even really thinking about getting a cat and will need a few days to prepare. But maybe it will be my Metcha Day, at least. And will we be the perfect fit? I think so! It’s kind of up to you, though. I’m a bit of a patience-required kitty. I’m interested in making friends with people, but it takes me a little time to really trust them. If you come prepared with some treats, toys, or catnip, though… you’ll have my attention right away. I’m definitely 100% worth the effort. I get along well with other cats, I’m sweet and playful and young (just a year old), and I’m SO ready for a brand new life.  So let’s make this Best Friends Forever Day. National Change-a-Life Day. The first day of the rest of my life.