Americano – Ready for Adoption!

Hey bestie. Whatcha doing? Can I help? I’m a great helper! I’m Americano, by the way. I’m four months old, so I’m pretty much an expert on the world at this point. I’m great at climbing, chasing, and cuddling. I’ll run like a CHEETAH and then jump into your lap and purrrrrrrrrrrrrr while I rub my head all over your face and snuggle into your chest. I bet I could learn whatever you’re doing. Do you wanna learn some kitten stuff? Like, you could play with me! All you gotta do is grab a wand toy and wave it around and I’ll do the rest! Or I could tell you what’s at the top of all the high places. I’m pretty fearless and I love to explore every nook and cranny! You want to know a secret? I’ve heard that when a cat leaves here, they get to go to a home where they get assigned their very own personal person… or maybe even a whole family! Can you imagine anything so wonderful? To get to spend every night sleeping next to your best friend? I wonder if it will happen to me one day. I hope so!