Amalia – Ready for Adoption!

Why yes, I am magnificent. Thank you for noticing. My name is Amalia and I’m a treasure.  Finding a cat like me in a shelter, available for just a $75 adoption fee, is like finding a genuine Monet in Goodwill. It’s an incredible price for someone so priceless.  Run your hands through my soft, luxurious fur (available in every shade of grey from Balboa Mist to Antique Silver with a touch of rose gold for the nose) and you’ll see what I mean. Pick me up and listen to my purr, like the engine of a Rolls Royce. I’m very affectionate and love being held.  I love treats- and, while I wouldn’t turn down a bit of Lobster Thermidor, plain old Temptations are enough for me. I love attention. And I’m very sweet and chill. The perfect aesthetic addition to your home.
The thing about quiet luxury like mine, though, is that it goes well with a lot of things. If you have other pets, for example, that’s okay with me. I’m okay with other cats as long as they don’t get in my face and haven’t had much contact with dogs, but could get used to living with one.
So if you have a taste for the finer things and also want to do good (philanthropy is VERY classy), come give me a look!