Ada – Ready for Adoption!

I’ve heard a rumor that the BEST GIRL EVER is available for adoption! They say she’s big and black and gentle, gets along with everyone, about nine years old, with pointy ears and… hey! That’s me!  My name is Ariadne, but you can call me Ada if you’d like.  The first thing you should know about me is that I may look intimidating and have a big bark, but I’m a total softie! I’m fantastic with cats and other dogs, including little dogs. I love to play with my foster brother, who is an 8-lb chihuahua. We chase and wrestle and everything and if he bosses me around, I listen!  I mean yes, technically, I’m about 95 lb right now. But mostly, that’s because I’m very overweight. I should be more like 60-70 lb. I don’t mind being on a diet too much and I really love the “exercise” part of the regime (Walks? Playing? Yes please!). But I do need to go home with someone who will stick with it. I’m in pretty good shape for a fat old lady! I can run really fast, I can manage stairs, and I literally jump up and down when I get excited.  As for manners, well… I’m awesome in the house. I can be trusted alone without a crate when my person isn’t home. I’m perfectly housebroken. Most of the time, I’m just happy to sleep on the couch or hang out nearby.  The only thing is, I do have a heart for adventure. I’m not too hard to confine, but If I get the chance, I’ll take off and won’t come back til I’ve had my fun! So I’d do best in a home with a secure fenced yard.  I’m funny, sweet, super-expressive, and full of personality. I LOVE car rides and taking naps outside in the sunshine. I take good care of my toys (no de-fluffing for me!) and I like to sleep in bed with my human.  My foster mom says I’m the very best girl and I deserve an awesome home! I will be at the shelter to meet people all day today (Friday, 4/12) and tomorrow (Saturday, 4/13). After that, please make an appointment if you’d like to meet me at the shelter so that my foster mom knows to bring me in.