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Venus – Ready for Adoption!

I’ve heard lots of promises from humans in my life. Like, “Don’t worry, Venus- you’ll grow into those ears!” or “You’ll catch that squirrel one of these days.” Not all of those promises have come to fruition, but that’s okay- there’s only one promise I really care about. It’s the one I’m still waiting for: “I promise I’ll never give up on you.” I can make you a few promises of my own, you know. I can promise to be happy to see you, even if I’ve never met you before. And I promise to be an enthusiastic playmate- always ready to party! I’m a rough-and-tumble kind of girl, so I’d love to find some humans who can match my vibe and aren’t afraid to get dirty. I can promise to always do my best to make you happy. That doesn’t mean I’ll never make mistakes, though. I need some training and some guidance to be my best self. I’m only a year and a half old and have already been bounced around a few times. It’s tough to learn the rules when everything you know changes every couple of months, you know? But with some patience and consistency, I know I can be a star! I’ve lived with cats before, but haven’t met dogs- like with any living thing, I can’t make any perfect promises there. Animals are individuals and so are animal relationships! I can tell you I got along well with the cats in my most recent home and that I’d love to do a meet & greet with any potential dog siblings to see what we’d think of each other. I can promise to provide you with love and endless entertainment, to give you a motivation to get up and go for a walk, and to be your faithful companion. All I need from you is that you’ll keep your promises to me- promise to stick with me, through thick and thin. Promise nobody will ever hurt me again. Promise to be my family. That’s all I really want. I’m a year and a half old, and I’m spayed, up to date on shots, and fully vetted. Go to to fill out paperwork. I’m ready for my forever family!