Babs – Ready for Adoption!

Do you know why millennials love gray? Because it goes with EVERYTHING. Brights, jewel tones, neutrals… gray is the perfect match.
My name is Babs and I think I might be YOUR perfect match. I also go with everything!  At a year old, I’m the perfect age- past my kitten stage, but still a young lass. I’m a quiet soul- not too demanding, but I love attention when I get it. I’ve got a great “toaster butt” and, while I’m a bit tentative at first, I soon start to really enjoy being snuggled. I even like being held!  I go well with other cats and, while I haven’t met dogs, I think I could probably adapt to having them around. I’m gentle and chill, but can be convinced to play once I get to know you.  I have to admit, I’m not entirely comfortable in the shelter. I’m kind of an introvert and there’s a lot going on here all the time! So I tend to keep to myself here and am not usually out in the midst of everything. Still, it’s worth taking the time to seek me out and get to know me. I’m a total sweetheart and I think you and I would go together perfectly.