Haiku – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Haiku and I bet I’m your perfect match. I mean, you’re looking for a cat-friendly, dog- friendly, mellow, affectionate, 3ish-year-old boy, right? Someone who, in stereotypically uncatlike fashion, is happy to see you when you come home.  I’m a scholarly type: I want to sort of watch and figure things out before I jump in with all four paws, you know? So you may find me observing from a cat tree or hidey-hole instead of being right in the thick of things.  If you come over and see me, that’s when the magic happens! I’ll purr and rub my cheek against your hand. You’ll pet me and find out that I’m SO soft. Like, you won’t believe how soft I am. And, by the time I start rolling around and soaking up the love, you’ll definitely be sold. I’m just that cute.  So what do you say? You and me… it would be poetry.