Starlight – Ready for Adoption!

Hi human! Do you wanna play with me? My name is Starlight and I’m looking for a new best friend.  By “best friend,” I mean… the whole enchilada. I want a playmate, a snuggle buddy, a walking partner, and someone who will really understand me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play fetch and, when I want to rest, I’ll climb into your lap with my toy and cuddle.  Technically, I wouldn’t say I’m exactly a “lap dog.” I’m about 45 lb and I’ve got lots of energy, especially when you first meet me! I’m the kind of dog who is hard to read at first because I’ll barkbarkbark! when I see someone coming, but my whole entire back end is wagging so hard that I have to do a little dance with my back legs. Don’t worry- I’m just excited.  I came to the shelter in an unconventional way: instead of coming through the front door, I got tossed over the fence in the middle of the night! So I don’t know anything about my past. That just means I get a fresh start: I got spayed, got all my shots, and now I’m ready to be yours! If  you have other dogs, I’d love to meet them and see if we’re a match. And if I get a serious applicant who has cats, I can have a cat test at the shelter to see how I react. They don’t employ any little kids at the shelter, though, so it’s BYO Toddler if you wanna see how I do with them.  So if you wanna come and meet me, I’ll be here waiting!