Storm – Ready for Adoption!

When you hear the word “Storm,” what do you think of? Wild gales and torrential rains? Crashes of thunder and downed power lines?

I’m not that kind of Storm, though. I’m the steady patter of rain against your window and the roll of thunder as you fall asleep. I’m the droplets rolling down the young green leaves, soaking into the parched earth. I’m calming and revitalizing. I’m the sort of girl you spend time with and then realize you needed me more than you knew.

At only two years old, I’m an old soul. I’ve been through a lot. When my people moved away, they simply left me behind. They took my puppies with them at first but soon returned to abandon them as well.

I don’t think it was because I did anything wrong. Humans have human problems and concerns. Because I’m an angel. I walk nicely on a leash, I’m good with other dogs, and I’m a gentle, friendly, sweet girl. But no matter what, I’m safe now. I’m spayed and headed for something better in life.

So maybe now it’s time for the clouds to part and the sun to peek through. Will you be the rainbow to this Storm?