Silvio – Ready for Adoption!

My friend. Come here. I’m about to make you an offer you can’t refuse:  I plan to become a member of The Family. Your family, that is. The name’s Silvio. You can call me Don Silvio. It’s a sign’a respect.  Now, let me lay down the facts. First and foremost, I’ve got connections with all kinds of creatures, capisce? Dogs, cats, kids – you name it, I can handle it. Before you kiss my hand, you can scratch my cheeks. I’m a a benevolent kinda guy. Got a sense of fraternity with my fellow man… or animal.  I’m known for keeping a cool head- from the back room of the speakeasy, to the mean streets, to my pillow on your couch, I’ve got that laissez-faire attitude that makes me the boss of any business.  So come on out. Meet me. And, badda-bing- you won’t be able to leave without me. Nice heart you got there. Be a shame if someone stole it, don’t you think?