adoptable cat

Polka – Ready for Adoption!

If I had a million dollars, I would buy us the coziest house ever – a place for just you and me and our family. My name is Polka, so we could call it… Polka’s Place? Polka’s Palace? Whatever you like.  It would be a quiet retreat from the world. That’s what I need. Not, like, a silent hermitage… I’m not that delicate. I’m curious and adaptable. I love to play and I love attention from family and strangers alike. I’d be okay with some company here and there. I’ve got enough of my own opinions to keep things interesting (I don’t always like being told “no”), but I’m a sweetie-pie at heart. And, after all, isn’t it the strong-willed girls who change the world?  The thing is, I am NOT a cat person. I don’t even like looking at my own reflection (No, seriously – Mirror Cat is my mortal enemy). And in the “Family Feud” list of “places that are not fun to live if you don’t like other cats,” A FREAKING CAT SHELTER is pretty close to the top. I’m SURROUNDED by them.
That’s why I spend my days dreaming of home. A little extra space to breathe, the ability to enjoy time with my family without those pesky other cats trying to get in the way… amazing.  The problem is, I need a little grace to get there. I’m overstimulated and stressed out in the shelter and sometimes, that means things just get to be too much and I grumble or swat. So people assume that’s just who I am at my heart… and it’s not. I just need someone who will take the time to understand me.  I don’t need a million dollars or a big fancy house to have a good life. I just need someone like you! Let’s make it happen.