adoptable dog

Penny – Ready for Adoption!

Are you the kind of person who will wait for your phone to stop ringing and then check your voicemail? Do your ideal Saturday plans not involve putting on shoes? Does the idea of going a whole weekend without talking to another person sound amazing to you? Then you and I might be kindred spirits.  My name is Penny and I’m a classic introvert. No thank you, I do not want to go to a street festival. A dog bar on the night when they have a DJ for some reason? That sounds like a literal nightmare. But give me a couch, a soft blanket, The Great British Bake-Off on TV, and my human and I’ll be in dog heaven.  If you’re an introvert like me, you get it- I’m a friendly, loving, and very cuddly dog! I’m extremely loyal to my friends and I love to snuggle in next to you and just chill out. I enjoy walks, of course, but… I’m eight years old. I’m not about to spend hours at the gym each day, you know? I’m funny and smart, housebroken and well-mannered, and when you’re my person, you really know you’re something special!  I could really use a friend right now. I used to be half of a bonded pair, but I recently lost my canine mate to a sudden and devastating illness. If you have other dogs in the house, I would be open to meeting them, but… it’s really a human I want. A home. A change of scenery. Something happy to happen for me.  I’m the kind of dog who will respect you, but also wants you to respect me. I don’t like being manhandled, especially by strangers or people I’m not very comfortable around, so I need a home with no young children (and no cats, please). Put it this way: Do you like having strangers putting their face one inch from your face? No? Neither do I. If it’s fair for you, shouldn’t it be fair for me? Don’t we all deserve to be loved by someone who respects us?
So help me find my happiness. You and me against the world.