Hummus – Ready for Adoption!

Hey there, friends! It’s Hummus, the self-proclaimed feline philosopher, here to share a little wisdom about knowing your worth. Just like you, I’m incredible—I mean, have you seen me?

At about a year old, I’m a magnificently adorable cat with a penchant for playtime and a love for being held (on my terms, of course). Sure, I’ve got the front-paw declaw badge, which is a plus for some folks. I start my day with affirmations in the water bowl’s reflective bottom, reminding myself that I’m gorgeous, and dang it, I deserve all the cheek scratches and treats!

Knowing your value means not putting up with things that don’t make life better. I’ve got my limits too, like not wanting to cohabitate with other cats—it just stresses me out, and I shouldn’t have to deal with that daily drama. The shelter vibe has me a bit on edge, not my usual self, but hey, it’s not you or me—it’s the shelter life.

Isn’t it a travesty, though? A charismatic cat like me languishing in the shelter when I could be someone’s best friend, bringing joy and happiness. You, who so deserves a cat like me, feeling sad and catless? Let’s solve both those problems together. Adopt me, and let’s create a happy tale! 🐾❤️