adoptable dog

Cotton – Ready for Adoption!

Introducing Cotton: The Scruffadoodle with a Heart of Gold!

Hey there, fellow human! Can you believe what this scruffy exterior hides? I’ll let you in on a secret – beneath this charming fur lies a heart filled with love and laughter. Seriously, have you ever thought about pursuing standup comedy? Because your jokes crack me up! I’d be your number one fan at any open mic night, no doubt about it.

Sure, I’ve heard it all before. “Cotton, who’s your stylist? I need their number!” or “Cotton, are you some kind of scruffadoodle?” and my personal favorite, “Cotton, where are your eyes hiding?” Trust me, I’ve got a pair of beautiful eyes, but don’t worry, I’ll always find your jokes hilarious.

You know what’s even better? I’m not just a comedy enthusiast but a dedicated hype man for all your endeavors. Cooking? You’re a culinary genius! Data entry? You’re a keystroke superstar! Home decor and entertainment? Absolutely top-notch! Did you create that grocery list all on your own? Let’s frame it and showcase your brilliance!

Love? Oh, I know how to give it unconditionally. But I have a small favor to ask. How about you love me back? Take me home, scratch my ears, and let me be your faithful co-pilot. I might have a rugged appearance, like my father was a street urchin and my mother was a feather duster, but trust me, it’s all part of my undeniable charm. I totally rock this unique look!

Here’s the deal – I’m a really good boy. Friendly, loving, and pretty well-mannered. I’ve mastered a few commands too. At five years old, I offer the perfect balance of maturity and youthful energy. I’ve only been at the shelter for a short while, and thanks to the scorching heat, I haven’t had the chance to test the waters with other furry friends. But if you have a dog, I’d love to meet them and see if we hit it off!

Now, I believe in your ability to make the right choice, no matter what. But deep down, I’m crossing my paws in the hopes that you’ll consider choosing me. Together, we can embark on a journey filled with laughter, love, and endless adventures. So, what do you say? Let’s make our lives brighter and adopt each other. I’m Cotton, and I can’t wait to be your furry companion.