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Toffee On the Mend!

Heartworm disease is devastating. The treatment is vicious, painful, expensive, and takes months to complete. It’s also completely preventable! A tasty and relatively inexpensive monthly chewable knocks those suckers right out before they can take hold. So you would think it wouldn’t be very common, right?  Unfortunately, it’s not at all uncommon. We take in about a dozen heartworm positive dogs every year and make sure they get the treatment they need and deserve. Toffee was one of those dogs- found as a stray, Toffee was young, active, and apparently healthy. Whoever his former owners were, they likely never would have guessed that something so insidious was taking hold inside him.  He’s gone through his treatment now- at just about a year old, Toffee is ready to live a happy and spoiled life free of preventable diseases. With your help, we can give dogs like Toffee the best future possible! Please donate today to help us provide the care Toffee needs, go to