Adoptable cat

Aerith – Ready for Adoption!

People always say, “I don’t want an adult cat. It’s gotta be a kitten because I want to shape and mold it to be exactly what I want!” I’m Aerith and… lol. Good luck with that, humans. I’m six months old and if there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m my OWN cat! I mean, I’m still a lot of the things that people often want in a cat: I’m loving and outgoing and I LOVE to play with toys! I’ll chase around a puffball like my life depends on it and then carry my “prey” around in my mouth. It’s just that I do those things because I CHOOSE to, not because someone else has decided what I’m supposed to be like. Like, I bet you’d think that if a kitten grows up around other cats, they’ll definitely like other cats. And guess what?! I don’t. I’d like to be an only cat, thank you EVER so much. Although I’m very affectionate and love attention and will come running at the chance for some ear scratches and admiration, I’m not too big on being actually picked up. At least, not right now. That may change as I get older or get more comfortable with my family… or maybe not! I’ll let you know when I decide. It’s my choice, after all. So whether I’m burrowing under the covers, purring in your ear, following you around, or proudly showing off my toys, just know that I do it of my own volition. I am available for adoption, go to to start the process.