Yuki – Ready for Adoption!

Do I look like a serious guy?  HAH! I fooled ya! I’m totally not! My name is Yuki and actually, I’m the silliest of silly geese! Every bone in my body is the funny bone! All I want is to play and make you laugh. I’m only about five months old. I dunno what breed I am (other than 100% goofball), but I’m already pretty big!  I love you and other dogs and pretty much everyone (haven’t met cats yet). I do sometimes get a little over-enthusiastic and smack you with my noggin while trying to give kisses. These moments when I get to see someone I love are so exciting for me because most of the time, I live in a kennel alone. I can’t wait til I get to live with a family and be with them all the time! I think when being with my people isn’t such a rare treat anymore, I’ll still find it awesome and exciting, but I probably won’t go bananas over it like I do now, you know?  Like lots of class clowns, I’m actually a really smart guy and, when you get my attention, can be a really good student! I just need someone to teach me how to be a gentleman.  So if you want a puppy who will make you laugh every day, come out and meet me