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Vivien’s Story – Give STL DAY

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When the dog house where little Vivien had been living with her sisters caught fire, her life changed in an instant. She was just a tiny baby puppy and that dog house was the only life she had ever known. And now? She was severely burned and in need of intensive veterinary care. Luckily for them, Open Door was there. We rushed Vivien and her sisters straight to the vet, where one succumbed to her injuries and one (you may remember little Audrey!) was lucky enough to need only a few days’ worth of care. Vivien had a long road to recovery ahead of her and was lucky enough to be helped along by her fosters and the staff at Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital. She healed nicely and blossomed into a beautiful young dog! You can help more stories like this have a happy ending by going to and donating!