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Violet – Ready For Adoption!

My name is Violet and, in a world of round holes, I’m a bit of a square peg.  I’ve tried my best to whittle myself down to fit, but… it’s not as easy as you would think.  That’s part of why I lost my last home- I didn’t quite fit into the mold my person had in mind. I wasn’t kissy enough. I like to be nearby my person, but not on top of them. The other thing is, I’m on the sensitive side. I’m only ten months old, so most of the things in the world are still brand-new to me… and some of them are kind of scary if you don’t know what’s going on! I love people and I’m not really a shy dog or anything. But I do need some reassurance and understanding when experiencing new things. I’m a good girl- smart, beautiful, and loving. I’m young and energetic and would benefit in a lot of ways (training, bonding, getting used to the world around me) from regular walks. I thrive with a good routine- knowing what to expect and when means I can think about other fun stuff without having to worry about what’s happening next! Basically, what I need is someone who is willing to listen. To see things from my viewpoint. To meet me halfway sometimes. Maybe we’ll both find a whole new perspective.