Uber – Ready for Adoption!

If cuteness were an extreme sport, then I would be the world champion. I guess you could call me… ÜBER DOG! … Actually, my name is just Uber. No umlaut.  Here’s what you need to know about me. I’m 15 weeks old. I’m a boy. I’m sweet and affectionate and outgoing and it’s never occurred to me to have a problem with other dogs or cats. I’m a very good boy.  I am, of course, still learning about literally everything! Puppies are a lot of work, you know, and I want someone who is willing to put in the time to help me be magnificent. It’s got to be someone who will train me and exercise me, have patience with me as I learn, and love me for the rest of my life!  My mama was only about 15 lb fully grown, but I’m already bigger than her! So I’m obviously not going to be a small dog, but I have no way of knowing how big I’ll actually get. Breed-wise, I’m about as mixed-up as a dog can get. But that’s okay because it doesn’t matter! I’m an individual, after all.  So if you want a fuzzy fella who is CUTE through-and-through, come check me out!