Trini – Ready for Adoption!

There’s a mystery afoot here in the animal sanctuary. Luckily, I, Detective Inspector Trini, am on the case. I’m perfect for the job, after all. I’m curious and fearless, always up for exploring new places and investigating the unknown. My people skills are excellent… not to mention my dog and cat skills. I get along with everyone and can make just about anyone like me.  I suppose I might not have the grit or cynicism to be a proper hard-boiled detective, but that’s okay! After all, the mystery I’m trying to solve here isn’t a grisly one. It’s just this: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that I haven’t been adopted yet?!
I mean. You guys. I’m adorable, outgoing, and young (only a year old). I’m even floofy! People love floof, right?! I purr, I play, I walk right up to strangers for attention, I’m cool with being picked up, I mean… it defies all logic, right? I’m basically perfect.  Say, do you think you could come down to the station… er… shelter… for an interview? I just wanna chat. Maybe it would help me figure things out! Orrrr… maybe… you’ll fall in love with me and decide to be my person and we can consider this case closed!  I’m sure we can figure this out together. Just ask for me!