adoptable cat

Tree Star – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Tree Star and I’m here to teach you about ✨💖The Power of Love 💖✨
I’m an expert, you know. Like, other cats? I LOVE them. In fact, I’d say I need a home with a friendly cat who will let me cuddle and play with them. I have sisters and brothers here whom I love, so if you don’t already have a cat… no worries! You can just take two of us!
And humans? Oh my gosh. Humans are amazing. They have these wonderful soft hands that they use for operating cat toys (magnificent!) or for cheek scratches (blissful!) or for giving nose boops (weird, but I’m down for it). And they have warm, safe arms and lovely laps and they talk to you in these melodious voices… I always talk back. How could you not? I just love their accents.
Even dogs are brilliant! I haven’t had a lot of experience with dogs, but when I’ve seen them on the other side of a door, I’ve been curious and not afraid. I think I could get along just fine with a dog.
The thing about the ✨💖power of love💖✨ is, it’s all about making a better future. The first two years of my life haven’t been ideal. I was abandoned at the shelter in a box wrapped in duct tape, stuffed in with seven other cats. But my heart is like a helium balloon- I’ll always rise above! I’m affectionate and outgoing and I just know my future will be bright: a family who treasures me as much as I treasure them. Love can make it happen.