adoptable senior dogs

The Golden Girls Need a Miracle!

These four gorgeous seniors are looking for a home TOGETHER! We know it would take a miracle, but nothing is impossible. We need your help to make it happen.  Their adoption fees have been covered by a wonderful donor.  Meet Goldie, Gracie, Gabbie and Zoe. Zoe, who is nearly 16 years old, is the mother of the other three, who are all approaching 15. They’ve been together their entire lives – literally since they were in the womb. They’ve been through a lot in recent months: losing the only home and family they’ve ever known and having to move to a shelter, where everything is different. But they still have each other and we’re not about to change that.  All four are housebroken, well-mannered and excellent on leash. They’re all pretty healthy and in good shape for their ages – a group of little old ladies power-walking around the mall, but in dog form. They’re gentle, friendly, and loving, although they can come off as a little aloof when they first meet a stranger. Gabbie and Zoe warm up quickly with treats. Goldie and Gracie just need a little time. They’ve been through a lot. Gracie is the biggest of the four at about 45 lb… and she’s the one who, when she gets used to you, wants to be a lap dog! They get along well with other dogs and cats.  All four would be available through our Seniors-4-Seniors program so if someone over 60 were to take the quartet, their adoption fees would be $1 each and their vet care, food, and medication would be available at no cost through the shelter for the rest of their lives. A win for you, a win for us, and a BIG win for the gorgeous Golden Girls! If someone under 60 were to adopt, the adoption fee would be reduced to $300 for all 4 and their food would be available at cost through the shelter.  Look, we know that basically nobody in the world, when they think of the kind of dog they want to adopt, jumps to “how about four geriatric dogs all at once?” But we have faith that their perfect home is out there! They so deserve to live the remainder of their lives together, loved and in a HOME. So it may be that their family is one in a million… but that just means we have to spread the word and reach them!  Tell your family and friends. Ask them to share. They are, from right to left:  Goldie – 14,Gabbie – 14,  Zoe – 15  and Gracie – 14.
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