adoptable cat

Taz – Ready for Adoption!

Hello there, I’m Taz! I might not fit your usual feline expectations, sporting formal wear at 9:00 on a Wednesday morning, but that’s just how I like to roll. And while my name might suggest otherwise, I’m actually a female cat. Despite my petite stature, I’m a fully grown year-old kitty, not a kitten.

In the initial ten seconds of our encounter, you might find me a tad reserved, but surprise! Give me a moment to warm up, and I transform into an incredibly affectionate companion. I’ll extend my paws, signaling my desire to be picked up, purring away in pure contentment. I do enjoy asserting my independence, so you’ll find me playfully requesting to be put down and picked up repeatedly, ensuring that I’m free to make my own choices.

As a skilled communicator, I excel at conveying my needs to my human companions. I’ll let you know when I crave cuddles or when I prefer some alone time, when I’m in the mood for attention or when I’m ready for a game of string toys (I absolutely adore them). Initially, my requests are polite, but if they go unheeded, I can become more emphatic. This is why I might not be the ideal choice for households with very young children or those who may not be the best listeners.

I thrive in an environment without other cats or with a particularly laid-back and respectful feline companion. While I don’t seek out conflicts, I genuinely prefer the company of humans over other cats. I haven’t had much exposure to dogs, so I’m not entirely sure how I feel about them.

So, maybe I’m not the cat you expected, but I believe I could be just what you’re looking for!