Tabitha – Ready for Adoption

All you need is love, right?  I mean, yes and no. My name is Tabitha and of course I’m a romantic, but I’m also realistic.  All I need is love. Being held, getting head scratches, enjoying the occasional treat, just being together with you in the same room, existing side-by-side… you know. Love.
But I need more than that. Faith. Grace. Patience. The shelter is a stressful place to live and I tend to come off as a little aloof and reserved.
I’m a sweet girl who gets along well with other cats. I do enjoy being around people and think I would really blossom in a home, where I can relax. Please don’t mistake my quietness for unfriendliness. I’m just sort of taking it all in, you know?  As we get to know each other and I get to be more and more comfortable in your home, you’ll get to see more and more of who I really am! You’ll learn things about me that my shelter family will never get to know. I just need the chance to show you.  So all you need is love… and a chance. I know all about that.