Tabby & Lexi – Ready for Adoption!

How are you, my dahling? I’m Tabby (with the lovely copper spots and streaks) and this is my life partner, Lexi (with the white mittens).
We’ve come to you with a simple request: Just come see us. Give us a chance. Where’s the harm in that? I’ll tell you. There is none.
And if you come and see us, you might want to pet us. We wouldn’t mind. In fact, both of us love attention and will come and weave around your ankles and look up at you with our big moon eyes. I’m okay with being held, while Lexi prefers to just jump up to ideal petting level so that she can talk to you face-to-face.
And once you start petting us, you might start asking questions. Like, how old are we? Both six. Do we get along with other cats? Yes, although neither of us will stand up to bullies. What about dogs? Neither of us have met one, so we don’t know.
And you’ll probably notice without even having to ask that we love each other a lot. I don’t suppose you’d have to be told that we’d like to find a home together. That much is obvious. But maybe you’ll start thinking about what it might be like having two: knowing they always have someone to keep them company, even when you’re not home. Having two distinct and lovely little personalities you already know complement each other well. Having one cat for each hand… or one for you and one for your partner!
And once you start to think about how lovely we are and how nice it might be to have us around all the time… well, then we can talk about how to make that happen!  And then, who knows? Maybe, before you know it, you’ll be saying, “Meet my new family members!