adoptable cat

T. Rex – Ready for Adoption!

My name is T. Rex! I’m named for the KING of dinosaurs- one of the most ferocious creatures to ever walk the Earth! The size of a school bus with 60 serrated teeth! But you know what? I bet some of those T. Rexes back in the Cretaceous period just… wanted to be cuddled and loved. I mean, I know a thing or two about looking like a big scary-looking beat-em-up fellow with the heart of a li’l teddy bear. Me, personally? I’m a snuggler, both with other cats and with people. I love being picked up and held. I love soaking up any available attention. And when the humans are busy, I’ll happily curl up and form a cuddle puddle with any willing feline friends. At five years old, I’m pretty chill and very outgoing. I don’t care if I met you five minutes ago or we’ve lived together for years- I can already tell I like you. Scratch my bootie or behind my chunky tomcat cheeks and I’ll love you forever. So yeah, you can see why I might wonder if maybe some of those big scary dinos of old didn’t sometimes wish they could be thought of as friendly goofballs with rich inner lives and their own individual interests. Fortunately, unlike them, I did not go extinct 66 million years ago and still have the chance to make a good impression! Come and meet me- you’ll fall in love for sure.