adoptable cat

Sully – Ready for Adoption!

You might initially see me as a cat without hope, a common perception, but my name is Sully, and I’m 8 years old, declawed, and mostly blind, yet undeniably extraordinary. I understand that I don’t fit the conventional image of a cat, being one-of-a-kind, but I implore you to take a moment and get to know me better. I’m a sweet, cautious, and curious boy who adores treats and basks in the sun. When I’m comfortable, I’m affectionate and love to be involved. Despite my vision impairment, I navigate, jump, play with toys, and find my food and water with grace. However, I’m also aware of my vulnerability due to my limited vision and lack of claws, so I may seem aloof initially, but please be patient. Shelter life is unsettling, especially for a cat like me who’s been a target of bullying. So, I may not be the typical cat, but I’m unique, handcrafted, and with time, you’ll be glad you took the chance to fall in love with me.