adoptable cat

Soda Pop – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Soda Pop! I know I look like a very realistic squishmallow and… well, maybe I am! Are “squishmallow” and “actual living cat” mutually exclusive?  Whatever I am, I think we can both agree that I’m an extremely cute one. And yes, you can absolutely shake my little mittens and boop my nose and kiss these chunky cheeks. You can even scratch my belly and hold me like a baby. In fact, I hope you do! I live for all that stuff.
I’m a mellow guy who, in the shelter, keeps to myself until someone comes and visits me. You might not even notice me. But if you do and you invite me out to see you, I’ll be happy to oblige! I’ll march around and purr and purr and be SO pleased that you came to see me. I’m a nine-year-old gentleman, so, although I’m still happy to play now and then, would rather have a snooze than run a marathon.
Speaking of which, in my previous home, I often shared my naps with my feline companions. I could be a single fellow, but wouldn’t mind having a cat friend or two. I also lived with dogs and, I’ll be honest: I found them to be a bit… much. I think I could probably deal with a mellow/quiet/elderly kind of dog, but not a wild youngster.  Mostly, though, I just can’t wait to get to go home with somebody and be able to hang out with them like this all the time!