Smoke – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Smoke and I don’t want to make you sad. I don’t want to make you angry.  Because I’m not either one of those things. I’m filled with hope and with love and with happiness!  Yes, it’s true that I haven’t been treated kindly in the past. It’s every dog’s greatest fear that their humans will leave and never come back and… well, that’s what happened to me. When the landlord discovered me alone in the home after my people had moved, he put me out on the street. I didn’t know how to find food or fend for myself and, by the time somebody stopped to help me, I was in pretty bad shape.
That might make some people angry, but not me! The thing is, being angry won’t help anything or change what I’ve been through. So once I got in the car on the way to the shelter, I wasn’t scared or defensive or anything. In fact, even though I was weak and starving, my tail couldn’t stop wagging!
That’s because all I really care about is living in the moment. And this moment is pretty darn good. I’ve got lots of human friends (I’m a TOTAL snuggler and want to just crawl into your lap and give you face kisses) and I get to go for plenty of walks (I’m an ANGEL on leash). I get to wear coats (so cute!) and play with toys (awesome!) and run around in the yard with other dogs (I LOOOOOVE my dog friends). I haven’t met cats yet, but if you have one, I could make that happen! And I’m only about a year old, so by this time next Christmas, I will already have spent over half my life being loved and cherished.
Because, from what they tell me, things are only going to get better from here. I’m an incredibly sweet, gentle, darling boy and I deserve a marvelous home. And, if you can help me out, I bet I can find one!