Sir Pickles – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Sir Pickles and I’m kind of a big dill. I’d relish the opportunity to get to know you better! I’m not a spicy, salty, briny sort of fellow- more of a sweet pickle.  Uh… figuratively, that is. I mean, sweet pickles are kind of gross, right? And I’m not gross at all. I’m awesome. Maybe I’ve pushed the pickle comparisons too far.  Anyway, point is… I’m a fantastic cat. About three years old. Handsome, outgoing, cat-friendly… I’m a big, impressive fellow. I know you’re gonna ask, so I’ll just tell you: no, I’m not actually a Maine Coon, but if you want to tell all your friends I am, I’ll totally back you up.  I’m just the right combination of “loves to play if you’ve got a toy” and “super chill couch potato” (couch Pickle?). I love to just hang out near my friends, watch the squirrels and birds out the windows, and… you know. Survey my kingdom.  So if you’re looking for a magnificent, mellow, super-sweet dude to add to your home, come out and meet me!