Shelby & Truvy – Ready for Adoption!

Hey guys, just thought you might like to see what I would look like in a home, so I posed for you in this little house. My name is Shelby. And this is actually not two pictures of me. The other one is my sister, Truvy.  Most people just call both of us “Shelby or Truvy,” though. It’s easier that way. Like, “Oh, this friendly, playful, cute little cat who has run right up to greet us is either Shelby… or Truvy. And the nearly-identical one close behind her, also coming to see what’s up? That’s her sister, Truvy. Or Shelby.”  Are we twins? We might be, but we came in a big group of cats and no info about our history, so we ended up with estimated ages 6 months apart. Officially, I’m two years old and Truvy will be two in June.  One reason it’s tough to tell us apart is that our personalities are really similar: we’re both curious and outgoing, love to be petted, and love to play. We’re both just a bit ridiculous: love to hang out in boxes and laundry baskets, can detect an open churu treat from half a mile away and will come running, and always want to see what you’re up to. Neither one of us is really a fan of being picked up- at least not while we’re in the shelter.  Now, here’s the big question: do we have to go together? The answer is… not really. In the shelter, we don’t get along all that well with cats outside our Shelby-and-Truvy clique. The other cats in the section have learned to give us our space, so we live in peace, but our caretakers think we’d be best either as only cats or with just each other. We haven’t had a lot of interaction with dogs, but we’ve greeted them through the window and haven’t seemed to mind them. Both of us are more interested in humans than in anything else, though (each other included), so I don’t think either of us would be lonely or sad without the other.  So maybe the next thing my sister and/or I could explore could be… the inside of your home!