Shasta – Ready for Adoption!

Some people are just born suave, you know? They sliiiiiide through life without having to try and never quite have an inkling that it might be different for some people, you know?  Aaaaand then there are some of us who are… “endearingly awkward.” My name is Shasta and I’m one of those.
I LOVE people. I really want to be friends with everyone. I march around and purr SO loudly and will even stand up on my little hind legs to reach for you if I think you might pet me. I’m a bit of a silly goose, but I’m cute as can be. And after spending a couple minutes with me, pretty much every human comes away with their heart full and a smile on their face.  With other cats, though, I’m definitely lacking in social graces. I greet them by biting them on the butt. Some cats take offense and come back at me. Some get upset and avoid me. And some just shrug it off and still want to be friends. Those are the kinds I like and get along with… and they’re kinda few and far between. So for simplicity’s sake, I’d probably do best as a single cat, but that’s not an absolute.
As far as interspecies relations… look, I know I bear a certain resemblance to a particular famous human who was, shall we say, not exactly known for his tolerance of others… but I’m not like that. I don’t seem to mind dogs and think I could get used to living with one after a proper introduction.
So if you’re looking for a cat who is lots of fun and a little quirky… and, I promise, has no political aspirations whatsoever… pick me!