Sesame – Ready for Adoption!

Sesame’s Simple Rules for Being Awesome:
1. Rock your goth vibe. Dressing all in black is elegant and beautiful!
2. Strike up a conversation. Meow ’til someone meows back at you. It’s true that the humans have terrible grammar, but that’s okay. At least they try.
3. Enjoy life! Never pass up an opportunity to play with toys, eat the treats, or demand affection.
4. Everyone is your friend, but some people are your BEST friends. Greet everyone warmly and be ready to have fun with them, but save the serious lap-sitting and snuggles for those special people you really love and trust!
5. You don’t have to look the same or speak the same language as someone in order to get along. You don’t even have to be the same species! I mean, I, personally, love other cats, of course. But dogs are great, too!
6. Be comfortable solo or with a partner in crime. I have a friend, Poppy, who looks just like me and is the same age. We wouldn’t mind being adopted together if someone wanted two, but we would also do fine apart!
7. A first birthday should be spent in a home, with a family of your own. I’m ten months old now and still waiting for my family to choose me, but I have faith. It will happen, I just know it!