adoptable cat

Sconce – Ready for Adoption!

Life is better with a little bit of company, right? But sometimes, you don’t necessarily want something as complicated as another human or as demanding as a dog. Sometimes, the perfect companion is a cat.  My name is Sconce and I fit that niche PERFECTLY.
Do you need someone who can handle herself all day long and then be ready to greet you when you come home from work? That’s me! When I I see one of my friends, I’ll give a happy little meow and pop out of my hidey-hole for a snuggle session. I’ll purr and make biscuits and give headbutts and, in general, show you in no uncertain terms that getting to see you is the best part of my day.
I’m only about a year old, but I’m super-mellow. I’m happy to play if you offer me a toy, but I’m more than happy to just chill out with you. I’m not the type to get into things or cause chaos. I’d be a wonderful pal for an older person or anyone who just needs a friend.
I would also be a wonderful companion for another cat. Or several other cats. I’m very sweet and gentle around my feline friends, even if they get right in my face. I don’t mind. I’ll just go about my business. I haven’t met dogs, but think I could probably get used to one.
So if you just want someone to keep you company and make your life sweeter, I’m your girl.