adoptable dog

Sapphire – Ready for Adoption!

I may not look like royalty at first glance. When you see me in my kennel- just one black dog among many- you probably won’t even notice me. But make no mistake. I AM a queen. Empress Sapphire of the Seven Seas, if you please. What exactly I’m doing here in Jefferson County is a mystery to me. It’s obvious once you get to know me. You’ll wonder why you didn’t see it before. My excellent manners, my regal demeanor, my proclivity for shaking hands, my benevolence toward children… it’s all there. If you’ve ever read a fairy tale, you know that good things come to people who are kind to young queens-in-disguise. In my case, I can’t promise you silver and gold. But I can promise you a treasure. What could be more wonderful than having a 46-lb Sapphire in your living room? I may come off as a little “above it all” at first, but I love when people show me affection and I love people’s company. I’m not a super-needy in-your-face kind of girl. I’m a queen. I have to have SOME dignity. I don’t have many demands. I don’t need my kibble served on a silver platter by a servant in a bow tie or anything. But I do need a home with no other animals. I’ve met and liked human kids (although I have not, as far as I know, lived with them long-term), but I’d like to be the only one in the palace with four legs.