Rocket – Ready for Adoption!

All the best fiction begins with a magical orphan, right? Harry Potter, His Dark Materials (sort of), Wizard of Oz, Neverwhere, Lord of the Rings… and don’t even get me started on Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  So what should my story be called? The Cunning Adventures of Rocket von Sprocket, Orphan? Is that too on the (cute little pink spotted) nose? Rocket, Boy Detective? I’m only six months old and very inquisitive, so that might fit. How about Rocket Saves the Day?  The reason so many great books feature orphans is simple: it frees you up to have all the dangerous and ill-advised adventures you want. You have to be like me: scrappy, intrepid, able to get by on your wits and bravery and big heart… and if you are, everything will turn out okay in the end.
It helps to have some special skills or powers, of course. Like, I’m an expert string toy hunter. My focus is unmatched! And I can charm even the most cynical of humans with my melodious singing voice.  Two things you have to remember if you’re a literary hero: 1. There’s potential danger around every corner. 2. The power of friendship conquers all.
So when I first meet you, I’m cautious. What if you’re a mole? A secret agent working for the bad guys? What if you’re a gorgon in disguise? But it doesn’t take me very long to decide that I trust you. Human or cat (I haven’t met dogs yet), you’ll soon be considered among my best friends, which means I would lay down my life for you.
Of course, the one thing every magical orphan ultimately wants, even more than adventures or saving the world from danger, and that’s a home and family of his own. To be able to settle down and be protected and loved. Do you think you could help me find my happy ending?