Riggs – Ready for Adoption!

My name is Riggs, and yeah- I’m little. Little like a meteorite. Little like a split atom. Little like the seed of a massive redwood tree.  I’m only about 20 lb. But I am NOT a “grandma just needs some company” dog or an “I want a little dog because I need something really easy to take care of” dog. I’m a big dog in a little body. I’ve got energy, brains, and plenty of ‘tude!  I’m funny, happy, and super friendly, with a tail that wags nonstop! I came in as a stray, so there are some things that the people at the shelter just don’t know about me (that’s why I need a HOME, silly- because that’s where I get to find this stuff out!), but they do know I’m really cute and funny. If you have other dogs, I’d love to meet them and see if we’re a good match. And the shelter can do a cat test if I get a serious applicant who has cats!  What they have discovered is that if I have something good, I will guard it. That means I should not go to a home with young kids and should go with a dog-experienced human who can work with me to manage that behavior. I’m only about a year old, so still a young guy and ready to learn.  I’m SO ready to live the life of a big dog! I can’t wait for all the walks, training classes, snuggles, and opportunities for adventure!