Adoptable Cat

Ricky Bobby – Ready for Adoption!

Hi guys, I’m Richard Robert… but you can call me Ricky Bobby! Because I’ve got a little bobtail, of course. I may be a little under-endowed in the tail department, but I’m quite gifted elsewhere! I’ve got a sweet, peaceful heart, for one thing. I get along well with other cats and dogs and have an easy purr and a gentle demeanor. I’ve even lived with babies and little kids and have liked them, too!  I’ve got soft, thick, cottony fur- perfect for petting. And oh man, do I love to be petted and held. I’ve got a curious mind, perfect for exploring and snooping. I’m outgoing and interested in my surroundings- not much really scares me once I get used to things. And these cute little paws? Perfect for playing! I love anything that dangles and moves, but also… pretty much any kind of toy.  There is one thing in my life that I do really wish I had, and that’s a family. That’s where you come in! If I had you, I would be whole. My name is Ricky Bobby, I’m about four years old, I’m neutered, up to date on shots, and fully vetted. I’m available for adoption!