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Ready for Adoption – Piper & Boots

I see you. You’re a good person. You’ve got a big heart and a home bursting with love. And you want to give a dog a home.
But… a lot of the dogs in need have considerations of one kind or another. You need a gentle, friendly, well-behaved dog who likes little kids, gets along with cats and other dogs, and is sweet and loving, even with total strangers.  Well, my name is Piper (floopy ears) and next to me is my sister, Boots (pointy ears) and… we’re as close to perfect as it’s possible to be, really. And why just have ONE amazing dog when you could have TWO?
We’re looking for someone just like you: someone who is more concerned about the actual dog than the superficial razzle-dazzle of having the latest trendy designer puppies. I mean, no, we don’t know our exact breed mixes, but we’re perfectly adorable the way we are. And, at ages 6 (Boots) and 7 (me, Piper), we’ve got a good foundation for manners and training.  My girl Boots, well… she just wants to be someone’s baby. She’s over-the-top cuddly. She even knows how to “sit pretty” (just for a second, but it’s ADORABLE) for a treat.  And me? I love from the bottom of my paw pads. If I could spend every second of every day with you, I would love to. I’m chill and cooperative and sweet as can be. We get along very well with each other and would love to stay together, if possible. We seem to handle time apart pretty well, so it’s not a 100% requirement, but it would be nice. As you can see, we do enjoy each other’s company!  So if you’ve got a spot in your heart and your home for two deserving dogs, consider coming to meet us!