adoptable cat

Pudge – Ready for Adoption!

I know what you’re thinking: “Wow. Has the shelter run out of real cats? This is clearly a picture of a cartoon cat. At best, it’s what happens when you feed the phrase ‘adorable black cat’ into an AI. “Nope! I assure you- I’m completely real. My name is Pudge and not only do I actually exist, but… I’m up for adoption. You could actually have me. Living in your house. Where you could enjoy these little round cheeks every single day. I’m a soft girl in every sense of the word, from my silky fur to my squishy body to my tender little heart. I’m very affectionate with my human friends and I get along well with other respectful cats. I love windows and high places and I’m told it’s JUST THE CUTEST when I greet someone by looking at them upside-down. But being soft that I don’t have the armor needed to make my way in a shelter like this. It’s like a sensory hurricane all day every day. And, in the middle of that, even things I like can get overstimulating pretty quickly. I sometimes get “touched out” and need to take a break, so part of loving me is being able to respect that.
I’m an introvert at my core and will probably always do best with a little peace and quiet. Like, if you’re worried about getting a pet because you work a lot and are afraid they’ll be lonely… I might be perfect for you. Just keep my bowl full, give me the Hulu password, and make sure I get a little love each day and I’m golden. I just need a chance to get out of here and into a home. You don’t need armor when you’re safe, you know? I need someone who understands that and won’t dismiss me out of hand just because I’m overwhelmed. So if you’re a quiet soul with a soft heart looking for a kindred spirit, consider coming to meet me.