Pichu – Ready for Adoption!

I think today is my lucky day, human! And what’s more… I think it’s also yours! My name is Pichu and… just look at my face. I look pretty sweet and friendly and cuddly, right? Well, the thing is, I totally am!  I just turned a year old, so I’ve got a lot of kitten still in me. That means I love to play, both with humans and with other cats, and that everything is still pretty new and exciting for me! I have a habit of popping my head around corners and looking at you with my big giant green eyes like I’ve just remembered you’re here. Yay! What a nice surprise!  I’ve met dogs, cats, and all kinds of people, and I get along great with all of them! I bet I could make friends with a seven-ton bull elephant if I ever met one.  I also love to be held! You could carry me around all day long and I’d be happy.  Basically, I’m an awesome cat. And- hold on, because this is where it gets really wild- I’M AVAILABLE! No, really! I’m looking for a family, so I could be YOUR cat! Part of YOUR family! How amazing would that be?  Let’s make it happen. I’ll be here anxiously awaiting your arrival!