Phil and Sally – Ready for Adoption!

Here at the shelter, we’re in the business of building families and helping animals find love.  It’s just… usually, it’s with a human. Phil and Sally didn’t grow up together. They didn’t come in together. They met at the shelter and fell in love. Sally had just weaned her children from a previous one-night stand and Phil was beginning to grow comfortable with shelter life after coming in as a stray. Their eyes met across a crowded room, they complimented each other’s lovely white bibs and socks, and, before you know it, they had moved in together.  It’s just a studio apartment right now. They’re solidly in their “hard times” era. Phil and Sally can’t wait til they can get a permanent place with a real family (she’s spayed, he’s neutered, so it’s a human family they want- no kids of their own) and finally settle down.  Things are pretty stressful for them right now. They’ve got noisy neighbors and a grueling job. Seven days a week, they both have to get up and be ready for all the visitors and volunteers. Don’t get me wrong- they love people. It’s just that there’s a difference between YOUR people and… you know… The Public. They’re ready for a day off.  Phil loves to unwind by playing Mouse and being upside-down. Sally prefers people-watching. Perhaps one reason they relate to each other so well is that they have some similar personality traits: they like people and want to make friends, but don’t really feel safe and secure enough in the shelter to truly let their guard down. So when you pet either one of them, they’ll be really into it for a moment and then be like “Agh! What am I doing?! Where am I?! Who are you?!” and then be right back in there with a headbutt or a cheek rub.
Yeah, it’s kind of confusing. Mixed signals. They want to be friends with you and they’re trying to be friends with you, but who of us is at their best when they’re chronically under stress? I know I’m not. Luckily, you probably don’t live in an actual animal shelter, so their stress levels will likely decrease significantly once they settle into a home and you’ll get to see more of their happy sides.  As for other animals, Phil and Sally are both fine with other cats! Neither one has met dogs since coming to the shelter. They’d really love a chill, comfortable home together.  So whether you’ve got a white picket fence or you’re living the life of your dreams in a yurt, you could be the key to Phil and Sally’s “happily ever after.” Do I hear wedding bells?