Penelope – Ready for Adoption!

Sometimes, for me, things are black and white. Yes or no. Up or down. My name is Penelope Pussycat and I know one thing absolutely for sure: you and me? Couldn’t be more right.
The positive and negative sides of a magnet attract each other, so if you’re minus, I’m plus. We stick together. If you’re an empty cup, I’m lovely, cool water. I need you and you need me.
Right now, in the shelter, the happiest moments of my life are when someone comes in to visit me. I lean into them and snuggle, dance around and purr, and bury my whole face into them. There’s nothing better than being loved.
I don’t mind the other cats, but I do keep to myself most of the time in the shelter. When your life outside is all noise and chaos, I’ll be your quiet. I’ll be your peace. Will you be mine?
I’m only about two years old, but pretty chill. As I grow comfortable in a home, I may become more lively and enjoy playing more, but right now, I’d rather snuggle than do pretty much anything else.
So if you’re sad, let me be the happy. If you’re feeling sour, I can be your sweet. Most of all, if you’re mine, I’ll be yours.