adoptable dog

Patches – Ready for Adoption!

Stress? Gone! Day? Brightened! Heart? Filled up with love and happiness!
That’s how pretty much everyone feels after they meet me. I can’t help it- I just come with my own sunshine.
My name is Patches and all I want is to help you out. Need your face washed? I’ll bathe you in kisses! Need a hug? I LOVE giving hugs! In fact, if you wanted to carry me around on your hip like a toddler, I’d be alright with that. I’m about 45 lb, so I’m just the right size for it!  Does your dog need a playmate? Well, I’d be great for that! I get along well with other dogs and love to play. I’m young- 8 months old- with the energy you would expect from a dog my age! I’m a smart girl who already knows how to sit and shake and walk nicely on a leash. Just imagine what you could teach me!  It’s not just a one-way thing, though. I need your help. I’ve only been on Earth for eight months, right? In that time, I’ve had a few different homes and been in two different shelters. There’s nothing wrong with me – I guess it’s just that sometimes, people want a dog, but can’t really take care of one. So what I really, really want is a home where I’m really, truly HOME. One where I’ll be part of the family for the rest of my life. So, can I be yours and you’ll be mine? We’ll make each other’s lives beautiful just by being in them.