Ollie- Ready for Adoption!

My name is Ollie and I have a philosophy: go for maximum scrappiness. The scrappier-looking the dog, the better. If you can’t handle me at my most disheveled, then… well, I’m not the guy for you.  I’m about eight years old. A bit of a fixer-upper all around. I’ve got more of a “dryly hilarious roommate who genuinely likes you, specifically” vibe than an “obsequious little baby who would do anything to please you just because you happen to be human” one. If you want to be pals, I’m going to need treats and some time to get to know you. I’ll let you know we’re cool by offering you a dainty little handshake.
I’m no wild child. I’m a bit gruff, but I’m mannerly fellow. I walk nicely on a leash, I don’t jump, and I generally know how to behave. At about 50 lb, I’m quite rotund and could stand to slim down a bit.  I haven’t had an official meet and greet with other dogs or cats yet, but I don’t seem to mind other dogs when I see them on walks or on the other side of the fence. If you have another dog, I’d love to meet them and see if we might be a good match.  So if “hairy curmudgeon with a heart of gold” sounds like your kind of guy, come check me out!