Noodle – Ready for Adoption!

Yes, I know lots of people want a “doodle”, but I’m something even better: I’m NOODLE!  I’m a rare purebred Lapplandish Dappledazzle Tigerhund. And this color? Oh man. Gold Marmoris, it’s called. You don’t find dogs like this. It’s totally unique.  I’m specially bred to be a Very Good Boy: super sweet, good with other dogs, have yet to meet cats. A smidgen shy at first, but nothing that can’t be overcome with a little bit of patience. Polite on leash and in the car. Very trainable. The perfect size at about 40 lb.  I might sound like a pretty versatile all-around dog, but I’m not for everyone. I’m ONLY for the coolest, most elite people in society. When people see you out on walks with me, they’ll know you’re one of the glitterati. The crème de la crème. They’ll wish they, too, could have a Lapplandish Dappledazzle Tigerhund… but they can’t. Because we’re that exclusive.  … Okay. I have to confess. My breed? It’s just “mystery mix.” But I really AM one-of-a-kind and awesome as an individual, looking for a one-of-a-kind family… one just like yours.