Moose – Ready for Adoption!

Hullo human! My name is Moose! And if you’re looking for a dignified, debonair gentleman who never has a hair out of place… you should probably keep on looking. Because that ain’t me.  I drool. I snore. I fart. I blow slobber bubbles. My skin is too big for my face. And I’m PERFECT the way I am.
I’ve got no chill whatsoever. I mean, I love you with my whole giant, dopey heart. Why should I pretend I don’t?! I just don’t see the point. I’m a good dog, you’re a good human… we’d be good together.  I don’t mind if you have other pets. I’m good with cats! And dogs? Well- I’ve met some I’ve liked and some I haven’t. So I wouldn’t mind having to having a dog brother or sister, but I want to meet them first to see if we’re destined for love.
Mostly, I just need that special person who loves me for me- wrinkles and all!